Scare Off Unwanted Suitors With This Ring

Rihanna is a fashion trendsetter who is sometimes so far ahead of the curve it’s hard for us to keep up. But, like with Lady Gaga, the best way to follow Rihanna’s lead is to do so subtly. For the past several months, she’s been all about spiked clothes and accessories, from killer rings and studded sunglasses to dangerous dresses. If you’d like to keep people away from you with your clothes the way Rihanna does, the easiest way is to slide on a ring from nOir Jewelry. Rihanna herself stacked three of them on one finger for a super studded look, and fellow fashion risk takers Katy Perry, Amber Rose, Fergie, and Lady Gaga are also fans of the line. Just make sure not to jokingly punch anyone while wearing this sucker — the spikes are more than 2 inches long. [$50, nOir Jewelry]