New Perez Hilton Book Out Tomorrow

And people say reading is good for you? Perez Hilton’s second book of 2009, True Bloggywood Stories: The Glamorous Life of Beating, Cheating, and Overdosing, hits bookstore shelves tomorrow, and it’s being billed as the perfect holiday gift for any tabloid hound. His Gosspiness claims that the book is full of juicy, can’t-read-anywhere-else tidbits, but I’m skeptical since, uh, why would he save big scoops for the book rather than throwing them up on his blog along with doodly pictures? One of the claims Perez makes in the book: that Drew Barrymore isn’t so reformed. “She was f***ed-up. She’s always f***ed-up,” he writes. “She is not the sober kitten that the main public may think she is.” He also is still beating the John-Mayer-is-gay drum, after their supposed kiss in 2007. “Hey, he made out with me, and there’s probably a lot of hot guys out there he could get,” says Perez. And Sir Hilton also says that, when rumors were swirling that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony were dunzo, J.Lo practically invited a paparazzi photographer along on a date night to refute the rumors. Yeah, in other words, the gossip in this book is pretty lightweight. It’s more about lists like “Top Ten Hollywood Predictions” and “Interview Questions That Barbara Walters Would Never Ask.” In other words, only buy this if you’re looking for a really expensive way to keep your dining room table from wobbling. [NY Daily News, Amazon]