Multitasking: A Phone And Bracelet In One

For me, finally getting my iPhone went way beyond the image of being a cool user of the Apple product. The second I purchased it, I became wrapped up in a world of new accessories, planning to pimp my cell out with a case and get a few pairs of fingerless gloves. In a way, the device became an excuse to add new things to my wardrobe. (Although, I wouldn’t go so far as to say: “That top would look really great with my iPhone.”)

Here’s a new idea that could potentially combine the world of digital communications and fashion, and take the iPhone off the map as the “it” accessory du jour. These luxe-looking bangles, designed by Jung Dae Hoon, double as cell phones. Recalling rotary dial phones, the bracelets project a keypad you can touch to dial and also shine the time on to your hand.

Uh, I’m not exactly sure how that’s all possible, and you might look kind of funny when you’re walking down the street and talking to your jewelry. (Crazy, much?) But if I were a spy, I’d be all up on this. Right after I decked myself out in some slick new Ray-Bans and a black tailored suit. [Yanko Design]