Jenny Sanford To Start A Clothing Line

We have reached a strange new frontier in our everyone-who-is-famous-gets-a-clothing-line world. Jenny Sanford, who told her husband Mark to hit the road after having an affair with an Argentinian whose tan lines he just couldn’t get enough of, has trademarked her name and started a website where she will sell clothing. Since I adore her, I want to think this is okay. But in truth, she just ain’t that snappy a dresser. Not to mention that she also plans to sell mugs on the site? Jenny is making herself very public these days—her book comes out in April, she’s signed on to be interviewed by Barbara Walters, and she gave some juicy quotes to Vogue in her first official interview. She’s also very publicly endorsed a candidate to replace her hubby, should he be impeached. All this has experts thinking—Jenny Sanford for office in 2012? Let’s just hope Sarah Palin doesn’t get any ideas about designing clothes—I can already picture her line of fleece hoodies. The label would no doubt read: Rogue. [NY Times]