Is The Twilight Saga Making Pale Skin More Desireable?

Years ago, I was forced to accept my pale skin after burning my face so badly that blisters covered my nose. Now, while others slather on tanning oil with single-digit sun protection, I have to cover myself with a muumuu and wide-brimmed hat for fear of burning. If the Twilight Saga had been around earlier, I might not have had to endure the pain of a lobster red face or waited so long to stock up on SPF. According to the Daily Mail, women are embracing their pale skin following the release of “New Moon.” Online beauty retailer reports huge increases — 200 percent higher than last month — in its sales of very light colored foundations. The site’s current best-selling product is Bare Escentuals Illuminating Mineral Veil, and L’Oreal’s True Match powder in an ivory shade has seen a 133 percent rise in sales since “New Moon” arrived in England.

I’m not sure I believe that “New Moon” has actually had a huge impact on what color foundation people are buying. It is nearly winter, after all, and everyone’s losing their summer glow as a result. But if fake tans are indeed losing their appeal and people are letting their skin’s natural color show, it’ll be the one good thing that’s come out of this silly series of books and movies, in my opinion. [Daily Mail]