Erin’s Style Diary: Monday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Thrift Store Blazer
  • American Apparel T-shirt
  • Patrizia Pepe Jeans
  • Sam Edelman Zoe Boots
  • Yves Saint Laurent bag

This is what I refer to as “my uniform,” which is basically an easy go-to consisting of my favorite old jeans (which miraculously fit even after consuming T-day extravaganza food and drink all weekend), a soft t-shirt and my most beloved recent thrift store purchase. Today I’m wearing some ridiculously high platforms because I’ve been obsessing over humongous shoes ever since my foster dog ate my pair of four-inch-plus pony skin Louboutin wedges. It’s a recession, so these are suede and by Steve Sam Edelman, cry-cry (kidding). I probably could’ve saved even more money buying them at a sex shop though.