What Do You Wear To The Gym?

I spy Miss Ashley Tisdale headed to (or is she coming from?) the gym! And despite the oh-I-just-threw-this-on-ness of her gym duds, methinks those baggy sweats and sneaks are actually some sort of pricey, fancy-pants gymwear in the same vein as that Stella McCartney stuff for Adidas. Next time you’re at the gym, take a look around. There are two very obviously different camps when it comes to what to wear when working out. There’s the I-buy-fancy-workout-clothes and the I-could-care-less-I’m-at-the-gym-—and the arguments make sense for each. Some people (myself included) find it incredibly hard to shell out 100-plus dollars for a pair of pants to wear to the sweaty old gym and opt, instead, for ratty t-shirts and tattered pairs of shorts from back in the day. Others find that their gym attire actually motivates them to get working out harder (no one likes to see pudge sticking out from your too-tight yet very expensive spandex top), and so the ends justify the purchase price. Which camp are you in?