12 Celebs Dish About Kissing Their Co-Stars

jude law and norah jones 11 jpg
Guess which leading man singer Norah Jones had to kiss 90 times for the film “My Blueberry Nights”? Jude Law. Norah dished about their kissing scene in a recent interview, saying, “It was an interesting situation and it was just plain weird. I had to kiss Jude about 90 times and I didn’t want to laugh, but it seemed so ridiculous. What in the world am I doing kissing Jude Law? He’s Jude … and I’m … me. We laughed a lot between takes. It was actually very choreographed, but there was beautiful music playing in the background. Now when I hear that music I think about kissing Jude Law.” I think that’s a nice way of saying, “Jude ruined my favorite song.” [The Insider]

After the jump, some other loose lips dish about kisses with co-stars.

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