10 Places To Store Your Jewelry

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When it comes to my jewelry, I’m not that organized. Most all of my earrings, necklaces and rings are either still in the crappy boxes they came in or are thrown together into big Ziplock bags that hide out in my top dresser drawer along with my underwear. It’s sort of embarrassing. I keep telling myself that I’ll get it together on the jewelry front one of these days, but a jewelry box or organizer always seems to be last on the list of stuff to buy. This slide show is a re-prioritization of sorts—all the jewelry rolls and boxes I’ve been looking at for years and haven’t actually bought. Figured I’d pass them all on to those of you in the same unorganized spot. Early New Year’s resolutions, anyone?

First up isn’t exactly a box, but a satin roll-up from J.Crew for $39.50.

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