What Makes Short Hair Chic And Not Mumsy?

Love Heidi’s new-ish short cut. .. L-O-V-E. A little while back I was inspired to chop off my hair to about the same length—I wanted a chic, modern ‘do and what I got was a total soccer-mom-inspired look. Ick. For some reason, I just couldn’t get my slightly-above-the-shoulder-length hair to look anything but ho-hum. Every single freaking day, I see loads of women on the street with these gorgeous, Heidi-esque bobs and they look uber-sophisticated—why the hell couldn’t I pull that off? Well, as I realized (as I started to furiously grow my hair back), chic short hair takes some work… Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean that it’s easier to style and take care of. Sure, blow-drying time may be cut in half, but you also spend loads more time on other hair maintenance to-dos. First up: Part of what makes short hair so damn alluring and chic is the cut—you have to have an amazing cut (and those don’t come cheap!). The best and most chic short cuts are the ones where the woman really went for it—meaning, she didn’t sit down in the stylist’s chair and say, I’d love to cut it really short, but I’m scared so, lets just see what “this-length” looks like. Go for it, yo. Layers are also key, depending on your face shape your stylist may cut longer or shorter layers for added movement. See Heidi’s freakishly full and almost wispy hair? That’s because she’s all layered up. And once you’ve taken the plunge, you have to keep it up—trims are key. Now, styling it: If you are up in the air about how to wear your newly chopped hair, the easy way to guarantee chicness is to go sleek. Throw a little heat-protectant styling balm in there (I like L’Oreal Studio Line Heat Seeker), blow-dry and flat-iron! What do you guys do to make sure your short hair veers more on the side of chic?