In Bed With … Kellan Lutz

March 15, 1985 in Dickinson, North Dakota
Sun Sign: Pisces
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Capricorn
Mercury: Aries
Venus: Aries
Mars: Aries

Love Style:

Kellan (who plays vampire Emmett Cullen in the “Twilight” movies) is a dreamer and probably falls in love everyday — however, he’s whimsical about relationships and probably falls out of love just as fast. He’s not consistent and is the type who flies by the seat of his pants with everything. The more caught off guard he is, though, the better the chance he’ll stick around for a few because he thrives in challenging situations that are a mystery. However, once he solves the case, he’s not one for the after party. Yes, Kellan’s perfect love is a single serving bond that gives him a rush, but with no strings attached after — being held down is death to him. Not to say he’s a total cad, but to KL, reality is just not as interesting as the fantasy, and the more he can flirt with the idea of forever in a dreamy way, the better he is. All of that is not to say he won’t ever settle down, because he can go through the motions and give a good performance at being in love, but acting it and being it are two vastly separate things and until reality is as good as his imagination, he’s not one for having his feet on the ground.

Sex Style:

Like a fine wine, Kellan’s sex style needs to be aged for perfection. Since he’s hornier than a pubescent chimpanzee on ecstasy, he tends to get caught up in the moment and can tend to be too aggressive and crass when first hooking up. Since he’s so changeable, only a few times in the sack is likely the most any lady can get with him. Sure, he’ll pull out lots of bells and whistles — he’s a master with kink and setting up adventurous and romantic scenarios — but how he performs is always a toss up. On one hand, he does have a fab propensity for really being able to seduce women effectively, but on the other hand, he can be so selfish and cocky that he can kill his own mojo. The good thing is that while he is still young, inconsistency is just par for the course and while he might not be bearable one day, the next he can be the ultimate magic wand. Yes, Kellan’s only predicable sex style is that he is unpredictable, but is open to anything daring and macho.

His Type:

Kellan loves to play the superhero. He tends to have a penchant for damsels in distress so he can be their problem solver. However, who he falls for and what is good for him has still yet to be reconciled. Chances are he is going to ultimately fall for a mommy type, a lady with an iron fist that he is a bit scared of, as that is the kind of challenge that can keep him erect in a manner suitable for relationships. He’s also turned on by being a part of a power couple, as his ambition is intense. He isn’t going to fall in love just to have a cuddle buddy. No, he’s looking for a red carpet showstopper with whom he can build an empire. To him, image is everything and unless she has the total package from the outside in — someone who can open bigger doors — he’s not going to trade in his freedom anytime soon.

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