What The Frisky Is Thankful For In 2009…

amelia thankful jpg
Before we break out our stretchiest pants, put on a bib, and begin ALL-DAY EATING FEST 2009, The Frisky staff wanted to share the many things we’re thankful for this year. Please share yours in the comments!

Amelia is thankful…
1. News: …that Barack Obama won the presidency and that gay people can get married in five states.
2. Celebs: …that someday, I just don’t know when, I will never have to write the words “Kate and Jon Gosselin” again.
3. Relationships: …that I didn’t get married and am not on my way to divorce court!
4. Entertainment: …that “Star Trek” cast Chris Pine as Captain Kirk.
5. Guys: …that I haven’t lost faith in them.
6. Sex: …that I was gifted with the Hitachi Magic Wand for my birthday.
7. Style: …that my gold J.Crew shoes eventually went on sale for half the price they were originally.

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