How To Tactfully Hit On A Cute Guy At Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends. Sometimes this family event may have an unexpected guest: a cute, single guy. When such a treat comes your way, seize the moment in a feminine, ladylike fashion.

Seating. Right away, you will want to be seated next to this hottie; however, this is a bad idea. A major part of flirting is conversation and body language. Both of these are difficult to display if you’re sitting side by side. Try positioning yourself across from him for the best effect.

Introductions. If introductions have not been made before reaching the table, take this as an opportunity to place yourself on his radar. Before you take your seat, introduce yourself and offer him your hand to shake. When he shakes your hand, hold his gaze and smile. You should disengage from the handshake first so you don’t come on too strong (a girl who won’t let go is creepy). Glance down as you take your seat, then back up again at him with a slight smile on your lips and in your eyes.Conversation. Of course you want to make small talk with this guy. However, there are other people at the dinner, so talking only to the hottie will come across as too obvious and quite rude; plus, your uncles will probably tease you endlessly for such conspicuous flirting. Start a conversation with the people sitting next to you. Check to see if he is listening, and then include him in the discussion. If he makes an interesting comment, slightly narrow your eyes to show you are paying attention, and nod. When you see opportunities to do so, interject a response to what he says.

Physical contact. If a serving dish containing an item of food you like is near him, ask him to pass it to you, and gently let your hand brush against his as he sets it down. Or stretch your legs under the table to “accidentally” give him a gentle kick. To drive this home, it is best to slowly glance up at him smiling and mouth or whisper that you’re sorry. After all, it is an accident.

Even when you’re flirting, you should show everyone seated respect. Remember what Usher said he likes: “a lady in the street and a freak in the bed.” The dinner table is not the bedroom, so act like a lady.