How To Strategically Attack Black Friday Sales

It seems a rather cruel joke that Black Friday, one of the most aggressive shopping days of the year, comes the day after Thanksgiving, one of the most aggressive eating days of the year. So start mentally preparing yourself now to nurse that food hangover and shop like a pro. We’ve got a few tips to help you make the strategic most of the sales before your competition snaps up that dress you wanted.

  1. Decide what you want need both for yourself and as Christmas gifts. Keep your list in mind and don’t deviate from it in a heat of the moment frenzy.
  2. Wear easy in, easy out clothes, especially if you’re hitting up a multi-level store. Ballet flats, leggings, a tee and a trench are my mad woman shopping outfit of choice. Then, if need be, you can even throw things on over your clothes.
  3. Unless shoes and accessories aren’t on your mind, start there as those items tend to disappear fastest. We spend a while trying and re-trying dresses to see if they look good on our asses, but shoes fit or don’t. Same with bags. Thus, they’re in the most danger of disappearing quickly.
  4. If you like it, take you with it like the greedy little hoarder that you are. Most stores don’t have a policy forbidding you from taking merchandise from one floor to another. Take advantage of that to give yourself more time for decision making.
  5. Know the return policy. Let’s face it, even if you do step 1 and make a diligent little list, Louboutins at 40% off are going to reel you in. You won’t realize until you get home that 1) they’re still way expensive and b) you were label blinded to the point where you didn’t realize that pink sparkly pumps totally aren’t what you need. Return!

Good luck out there, ladies.