How To Dress For Turkey Day At Your Boss’s House

Going to your boss’s house for Thanksgiving? Don’t be the turkey by dressing inappropriately. Since dinner is at your boss’s pad, it is a little trickier to decide on an appropriate outfit. It could be either formal or casual, and if the invitation does not specify, you’re left to figure this puzzle out on your own.

First, consider what field you work in and what is considered acceptable attire for your industry. In some professions, wearing a suit and tie is more appropriate attire than in others. The second consideration: How formal is your boss’s home? Does he/she live in a mansion or a small house near the lake? In addition to the typical attire for your profession, consider the time of day for this event. If Thanksgiving dinner is being served at noon, you’re probably safe wearing a more casual outfit. However, if you have been invited to Thanksgiving dinner in the evening, it is a safe assumption that the event will require more formal attire. Ask co-workers or a manager who might know what the acceptable attire is for the event. It’s safe to assume you’ll feel under-dressed if you put on jeans, a T-shirt, and a baseball cap.

Casual professional clothing is typically a safe choice if there is no way for you to determine the dress code for the event. Cut the difference between formal and casual and wear something that you would wear if attending an afternoon wedding or a graduation ceremony. Though you probably don’t need to wear a suit. For men, dress pants and a dress shirt with a jacket would be acceptable; women can opt for dress pants or a simple dress or skirt.

You can also add a nice festive touch since Thanksgiving dinner is the start of the holiday season. Consider wearing a red blouse or sweater, or adding a pretty autumnal scarf. Do avoid the sweater with blinking Christmas lights and the crocheted Santa jacket. While these are appropriate for some office holiday parties, they are probably not the safest bet for Thanksgiving dinner at your boss’s home.