What To Wear When You’re Playing Hostess

Everything is set up for your perfect dinner party or get-together. The menu is ready and the decorations are up. All that’s left is to pick out what you are going to wear. We’ve all been there, staring into our closets and emptying our drawers, clueless about what would be the best outfit for the occasion. Here then are some do’s and don’ts of hostess attire.

Family Holidays
The main outfits to avoid when you’re playing hostess for extended family is anything that could make relatives uncomfortable.

Do wear a cute Mrs. Clause costume to entertain the little ones, or a favorite Easter bunny light-up sweater paired with a cute hat.
Don’t wear something your significant other would rather see you in alone. Business Dinners
If you are hosting a business dinner at your home, whether it be for clients, co-workers or bosses, it is best to err on the conservative side. You needn’t wear the gray suit that hangs on you like a sack, but swishing around the room in your low-cut, blood red tango dress is not the answer, either.

Do wear a pair of soft black pants or a skirt paired with a pretty blouse.
Don’t wear your shorter-than-short leather skirt with a halter top, no matter how cute you think your newest co-worker is. Save this for an impromptu night on the town that you can arrange for a later date.

Parties for Someone Else
As you can see, the do’s and don’ts of hostess attire are pretty much common sense. However, when you get into the area of throwing a party for someone else, it gets a little trickier.

Do ask your friend what type of dress she would like for the get-together. If it is a surprise party, ask for advice from others who will be attending.
Don’t wear anything too flashy or provocative. Even though you want to look nice for the event, the party is meant for guest of homor; you don’t want to steal their thunder.

No Matter What the Occasion
Do wear the attire you indicated in your invitations. If it is a black-tie affair, cover your gown with a full apron if you must, and save your cutest jeans and shirt for a summer barbecue.
Don’t wear political T-shirts, or any shirts with sayings on them for that matter, unless it is specifically related to the theme of your party.