Quotable: Rihanna’s Original Name For Her New Album

“I actually wanted to name my album, “Such a F**king Lady,” but a couple of stores, a couple of major outlets didn’t allow that… That was the title for a while, but “Rated R” made more sense because of the overall story. It’s a movie really, the album. But ‘Such a F**king Lady’ — we take everything back to that — especially in our style … I like playing with the tough but not too tough, and being a lady but not too girlie because that’s not me. I kind of play on both. I like things a little twisted, a bit of a bad ass and a bit of lady. And you know, ‘such a f**king lady,’ no lady says ‘a f**king lady.’”

– Rihanna on the original working title for her new album, Rated R in an interview with journalist Toure, set to air on FUSE on Thanksgiving [ONTD]