iPhone App Investigates Your Date

Good news — well, depending on your definition of good. Two new iPhone apps, “Is He Really Single?” and “Stud or Dud,” act like an electronic private eye to collect information on your date—like whether he’s been married, divorced, has a criminal background, or has filed for divorce. All you need is your iPhone, the app, your date’s full name, his date of birth, and the fortitude to face the disappointment in his face when he realizes what psycho business you’re up to. Oh, and extra fortitude in case one of these apps actually dredges up something you don’t want to know. The creators of these apps are calling them fun, but their potential goes far beyond Googling the whiskey goggles off the Taylor Lautner look-alike you’ve been chatting up. [CNN]

This seems like a clear case of a great idea that has almost zero chance of working the way we’d want it to. Sure, I’ll use it, but I kind of hate that it exists and not just because any of the data I find on it will be suspect. It begs the question: How are we going to feel the first time one of these apps is used on us? Plus, doesn’t this kind of grate on our integrity? Shouldn’t we approach a relationship with trust? And if we have any mixed feelings at all about the Ryan Kwanten clone our ex introduced us to, we already know to get digits and go, right? So what’s really gained?

Seriously, would you ever use one of these apps?