Hints Of Chris Brown On Rihanna’s Rated R

Rihanna has been in the news a lot over the past year, thanks to the Chris Brown assault back in February and, finally, yesterday’s release of Rated R, her first new album in two years. Some of the lyrics on the record seem to tie these two big events together. Let’s take a look … The two songs that most sound like Rihanna is singing about former boyfriend Chris Brown are “Stupid in Love” and “Photographs.” Here are a few lyrics from them:


“I left the engine running / I just came to see / What you would do if I / Gave you a chance / To make things right / Don’t understand it / Blood on your hands / And still you insist / On repeatedly trying / To tell me lies / And I just don’t know why … I thought I saw your potential / Guess that’s what made me dumb”


“Here’s a little story I’ve gotta tell / ’bout this boy I know so well / Back in the day was cool and all / Fell in love, I fell in love / Thought he was the one for me / Other boys I could not see / And look what happened to our love / I’m like how could it be? / It should have been me and you / It could have been you and me / Boy you broke my heart and now I’m standing here”

Sounds a little like she’s regretting falling in love and giving someone a chance, doesn’t it? After looking at the writing credits, however, we’re not so sure. Rihanna didn’t even write these songs. While she co-wrote nine of the album’s 13 tracks, these two weren’t among them. In fact, she also didn’t write “Cold Case Love,” with its lyrics: “I’m torn apart and you know / What you did to me was a crime.”

Perhaps Rihanna was happy to put other people’s words about the situation into her mouth or maybe we shouldn’t read too much into Rated R’s lyrics after all.