Glamorizing Or Objectifying? Women’s B-Ball Stars In Ball Gowns

The stars of Florida State University’s women’s basketball team can now be seen lounging in ball gowns and limousines. The team’s new website has debuted with a series of glamour shots that have, um, something to do with basketball — we think? While some of the team’s tall beauties are embracing basketballs, others seem to be practicing for a future as car show models. Is that what FSU officials envision for their players’ post-academic careers? Some women seem to think so. The university’s press release says the pictures are all about how “women athletes are powerful and beautiful.” But if they really believe that, why wrap these ladies in shiny, floor-length skirts and take away their gear?Loud grumbles about homophobia are being heard over this on the internet. It’s been suggested that FSU’s choice to present the face of the team looking like a bunch of top models shows a transparent discomfort with women in unisex-looking team uniforms. The photos of these athletes-turned-glamour-girls show a myriad of faces, some clearly unhappy. While the objective seems to be boosting game attendance, is “prettifying” an already talented team — which should be lauded for their athleticism, not the way they look in a ballgown — the way to do it? [Newser]