Donny Osmond Wins “Dancing With The Stars”

Who would you expect to win a dancing competition—the 51-year-old teen idol who drove the ladies crazy in the ’70s, the 30-year-old chantuese behind “Ghetto Superstar,” or the 25-year-old newly svelte rock princess? Well, surprise! Donny Osmond has upset Mya and Kelly Osbourne on “Dancing with the Stars” and earned the right to take home the mirrored disco ball trophy. We’re thrilled; largely because we just didn’t see it coming. Nor did his sister, Marie, who should have been all about Team Donny after her less successful turn on the show in 2007 that included a collapse on camera. But while she gave Donny a makeup bag for good luck, she said that Mya was the most talented finalist. “A little bit country” that.

After the jump, a look at Donny’s best moves on the dance floor.

Observe his gentlemanly foxtrot on the season premiere. Looks like he’s got a low center of gravity, and all that jazz.

Donny’s Paso Doble was an ’80s tribute. You spin me right round, Donny.

Donny with his partner, Kim Johnson, dancing an Argentine tango that judge Carrie Ann Inaba called “artistry in motion.”

Donny seals the deal, dancing freestyle in tux and tails, while juggling a top hat and a pink boa. We call that an earned win.