Decode My Dream: My Girlfriend Is On Trial For Murder!

On the night of my 10th anniversary of dating my girlfriend (yes, we are still not married) I had a dream that she killed a man on our weekend getaway. He touched her butt and she got angry and then stabbed him with scissors and pushed him in the river. I was questioned about the murder (I saw it from afar) and at first I started to lie, but then came clean and told the police everything.  She was carted off to jail, I gave her $1000 for attorney’s fees and then we were broken up.  I cried and then I was like, “Well I guess it is time to start new.” It got fuzzy after that but I think another witness came forward and testified that it was self-defense and she was going to get off. I’m not sure what happened next. Weird right? – Dating A Murderer

I think the most important factor in analyzing this dream is the fact that it took place on the evening of your 10 year anniversary. Sounds to me like you are asking yourself some serious questions about the state of your relationship and its direction for the future.

First let’s talk about the murder. Assuming that murderous behavior is out of the ordinary for your girlfriend (I really do hope so), it is certainly a dream moment meant to make you stop and question, “How well do I know this person?” After ten years, you probably know her pretty well. But you may be at a turning point where you’re wondering if you are going to learn anything else about her that you don’t already know. Another interesting thing about the murder is that you don’t step in to protect her when the other man gropes her. Can you protect her? Can she get along without you? In this case, she can certainly protect herself, but she still needs you. In what ways are you two there for each other? In what ways are you not? Maybe something is off balance in one of those areas. Either way, this murder scene seems to be about you figuring out how well the two of you know each other, how well you suit each other, and how well you communicate. The answers seem to be vital to your future together.

The trial is a symbol of you questioning your commitment to her. You are weighing the evidence of your ten years together. Are you willing to stick by her no matter what tragedies life may bring your way? (Hopefully nothing as dramatic as a murder). Are you ready to take the next step and commit to this woman? What would you do without her in your life? In the dream, when you think you’ve lost her, you cry and think you’ll have to start your life over. Is that something you’re willing to do? Based on the tone of this dream, it sounds like you two have a pretty deep bond. Even though the jury is still out on how this whole trial of your future together is going to end, sounds like this dream reminded you just how important the relationship is to you.

A word of advice: It seems like the time has come for you to make some decisions about the future of your relationship. Will you two make a lifelong commitment or go in different directions? If you don’t already have all the evidence you need to make that decision, now is the time to gather it up. The verdict is important to both of your futures.

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