What’s The Most Public Place You’ve Had Sex?

Apparently, love is in the air this holiday. Particularly in Australia, where a young couple partook in some afternoon delight in broad daylight, on a clock tower that’s one of Sydney’s landmarks above a dorm. As a crowd of hundreds of curious bystanders gathered below, they went at it. According to a witness, “The couple did seem to know they could be seen and seemed completely unfazed.” And what harm was done, besides potentially exposing youngsters to nudity? The Australian papers are begging for the couple to come forward, presumably to grant them an award for their public service of bringing people together … to laugh about sex? Presumably, they were college students, maybe still drunk from binge-drinking the night before and brimming with sin from living in such close quarters with the opposite sex? [Orange News]

I think I would only be able to handle that level of PDA if I was positive no one would ever know it was me and no children were within a two mile radius. Where’s the most public place you have had sex?

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