Cheapskate: Sears (Yes, Sears)

I can’t tell you the last time I walked into a Sears … Oh, wait, I lie … A few months ago I walked through the department store to get to the rest of a mall, but all I saw were appliances and Craftsman tools. So I was really shocked to learn that the retailer actually has some stylish affordable clothing. Check out what I found after the jump, and a word of caution: stay away from the tops.

Cheapskate: Sears
Canyon River Blues Double Breasted Roll Sleeve Jacket, $19.99
Attention Women’s Sateen Drape Front Mini Skirt, $17.49
Sharagano Studio Novelty Stripe Pant, $14.99
Harve Bernard Belted Skirt, $24.99
Apostrophe Front Ruffle Jacket, $27.99
G Signature Pencil Skirt, $26.40
Connected Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Knit Dress, $39.99
Covington Tweed Jacket, $24.99
Apostrophe High Waisted Wide Leg Pant, $19.99
Lee Natural Fit Straight Leg Pant, $24.99
Koltov Sassy Chocolate Glazed Croco Mini Satchel, $19.98
Apostrophe Emma Small Tote, $29.98