Women Hate Their Bodies About As Much As Men Love Sex

I think we all know that women’s obsession with body image is a cultural epidemic. I feel like it’s common practice to hear not only myself, but also my friends, saying derogatory things about their bodies—too fat, big butt, hate my nose, my skin, hair. Sadly, I don’t know a woman who isn’t guilty of this heinous offense. In case we wanted to remain in denial about what a problem this is, a new study is giving us a reality check about exactly how often we are not just saying, but thinking, these awful things about ourselves. Thirty-six times a day! That’s 1.5 times an hour and 252 times a week that women are thinking negative thoughts about their appearance. Wait, isn’t that about the same number of times a day that guys think about sex? Though I think that every-seven-seconds thing is a myth. Think about it … while guys are thinking about how wonderful we look and how badly they want to do us, we’re busy thinking about how we don’t look like Kate Moss, who is busy repeating her mantra, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” It’s a really sick and twisted cycle when you think about it. How much extra time and energy would we have to do great things if we weren’t so fixated on how great our bodies aren’t? Maybe we should think about sex 36 times a day instead. That sounds like more fun. [Newser]