“The Diary Of Suri Cruise” Is Sure To Spawn Outfit Envy

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your winter wardrobe, then stay away from this Tumblr because you’ll just feel like crap. “The Diary Of Suri Cruise” is a near-daily blog of Suri pics and fake diary entries. The actual writing is very meh, but collecting pics of Suri’s outfits altogether was a brilliant move. Poor kid may have complete nutters for parents, but she’s got a closet to die for! The pink dress/gray cardigan/metallic leggings? The pigtails/red coat/silver kitten heels? The black-and-white polka dot dress with purple cardigan and green sandals? I swoon! This little Scientologist is about 10 seconds away from getting her “designer line,” I can just tell. [The Diary Of Suri Cruise]