Like Your Guy In A Scarf?

In the past, there have been two types of men who wear scarves. Those who want to keep warm. And those who want to wear scarves because, um, you know, they’re extra fashionable. Now, however, with acceptance of gender-bending/andro/metrosexual fashion, things are changing, and the scarf has made its way into guys’ closets as a wardrobe staple. So much so that StyleFrizz declares that “the scarf is the new tie.” When it comes to tying a tie, we tend to have a hard time, so, naturally, the dudes probably need a little guidance too. Here to help out is a handy style guide, which gives fashion examples as well as advice. If he’s a cool hipster, try the “loose loop.” Want to look presidential like Obama? Do the “formal,” a cross-style that tucks into a stately wool coat. (Of course, you don’t have to be a guy to wear these styles; you could just try these out yourself.)

So, what do you think of scarves on guys? Sexy if worn the right way? Or too fussy when it’s not to keep warm? [StyleFrizz]