Confessions Of The Latest Madam To The Rich And Famous

Meet Michelle Braun, the highest of high-end madams. Also known as Nici of the ultimate call-girl ring, Nici’s Girls, she is facing six months under house arrest. Lucky for her, she also got a book deal, so she should have plenty to do while she’s housebound. She’ll be writing chapters about men who pay $500,000 for a “girlfriend,” and about her celebrity clients, like Charlie Sheen, who may have paid for services by trading her a very expensive painting that she told an undercover investigator she’d received as a gift. The investigator also relayed a report from one of Michelle’s former employees who says Nici’s Girls turned down Courtney Love and her boyfriend’s request for a three-way.

But if that’s not interesting enough to you, she also has something to say about the carefully cultivated Playboy public relations position that, sure, their Playmates are glad to show you their boobs and more, but in all other ways keep things classy. Michelle says that a myriad of Playboy Playmates are also hookers. She says she knows this because many of them worked for her, including, at one point, seven out of eight of Hugh Heffner’s live-in girlfriends—one of whom served as a sort of mini-madam for Nici’s Girls, recruiting playmates from within.

Michelle says she made her deal with authorities to save others under investigation. “The girls and the clients were being harassed. I took the bullet for everyone,” she said. “In a way, I’m like Jesus, only prettier.”

Does this make her the martyred madam? [NY Post]