Mexico Provides Female-Only Taxi Service

Picture the following scenario: it’s past midnight, and you’re ready to call it a night. Your options for getting home: take public transportation and put yourself at risk in the deserted subway, or hail a cab. So you wait for a taxi while avoiding eye contact and cat calls from sketchy dudes. When one comes, you finally relax in a safe zone. Until the cab driver starts heckling you as well. C’mon, people! Can’t a girl get a break?! Now women in Pueblo, Mexico, have a new, safe transportation option thanks to a company called Pink Taxi, which operates a fleet of female cabbies who stop only for ladies. (That’s kind of cool. When was the last time you had a woman taxi driver?) Also included in the sweet rides are beauty kits, GPS systems, and emergency panic buttons.

If Pink Taxi came to your town, would you use it? Or is relying on such a service a sign of weakness in dealing with reality? [Springwise]