Levi Johnston’s Playgirl Shoot Reveals His “Eww, Gross!” Body Hair

Poor Levi Johnston. He’s fending off complaints from those (us included) who are disappointed he didn’t show the full monty in his Playgirl pictorial, and now he has to contend with insults about the amount of body hair he has. Nathan Minor, a Chippendales dancer (so he obviously knows what’s manly and sexy), told Us Weekly:

“The only problem — his hairy armpits! We take only mostly shaved guys. He should also focus on his diet to help him get a bit harder. He doesn’t have to go the fitness-y hard look, but he could tighten up a little bit. His body is a little soft.”

I’m not going to argue over the elasticity of Levi’s body — though I suppose if you’re into guys with 12-pack abs and mountainous hills of muscles, he looks a tiny bit doughy — but I will come to the defense of his pits. For starters, they’re not that hairy and even if they were, it shows he is a MAN not a BOY. In fact, Playgirl editor, Jayme Waxman, Levi could use a little more fur.

“At 19, you know how to show off your still-tight body, but do you actually know how to use your sexuality? I feel like you really develop your sexual energy and attitude in your 20s and 30s, so Levi has a way to go before he’s completely comfortable in his body. He doesn’t have much chest hair, does he? I like a bit more chest hair.”

Whatever. I think he’s just fine as is and am not down with all this body-snarking — unless, of course, we’re going to talk about his brain. [Us Weekly]