Horror: Italian Group Tries To Cancel MTV’s “Jersey Shore” Show

We knew this was going to happen: an Italian-American organization in New Jersey has complained about MTV’s newest reality show, “Jersey Shore,” because of offensive, stereotypical language it uses to describe Italians. In a promo for “Jersey Shore,” the voiceover promises the beach-going partiers will “keep their hair high, their muscles juiced, and their fists pumping all summer long.” Apparently, a reputation as the “hottest, tannest, craziest Guidos” is not something that the group UNICO National would like to enforce.Indeed, MTV never should have used the derogatory term “Guido.” And methinks the savvy, controversy-seeking TV network did that on purpose to manufacture some free publicity before their December 3rd debut. So cut it out, MTV, OK? Because some of us seriously do want to watch trashy drunk kids fall on their faces all over the Jersey Shore boardwalk for cheap yuks.

Please, oh, please, SAVE “JERSEY SHORE”! [New York Times]