Duh! Study Proves That Coed Dorms Encourage Sex And Drinking

A groundbreaking study conducted on five college campuses has concluded that coed dormitories lead to more sex, more binge-drinking, and more pornography than the same-sex alternative. Oh, and by “groundbreaking,” I mean inconclusive, biased, and obvious. Ninety percent of the country’s college campuses are coed, and students are generally placed in housing automatically unless they opt-out to live in same-sex housing. Of the 510 students involved in the study, 42 percent of coed dorm students admit they binge-drink on a weekly basis, compared to 18 percent of the students in gender-specific housing. Sixty-three percent of the students in same-sex housing (which in this study means a paltry 68 students) said they had no sexual partners this year (bummer!), while only 44 percent of coed students were chaste. And of the co-ed students, 13 percent said they’d had three or more sexual partners, this was true of 5 percent of the single-sex dwellers. [Reuters]

May I suggest a theory?
Perhaps the students who prefer living with their own kind are more reserved than the brazen coed crowd, or avoid the opposite sex and booze for religious reasons? I lived in coed housing freshman year, and with other females every year following, and the only difference was that I stopped drinking Bud Light and starting making (a lot of) Long Island Ice Teas since I didn’t feel like I had to fake being “one of the guys.” Plus, I didn’t want to sleep with guys on campus because after watching them freshman year—I realized they were mostly slutty. Do you think living with or without guys affected your college drinking and bedding habits? And what is college for if not to initiate innocent teenagers into the exciting dangerous world of alcohol abuse and sexual exploration in a relatively safe environment?

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