Demi’s Bizarro Hips May Actually Belong To Another Woman!

Remember the controversy over Demi Moore’s W cover, in which it appeared that the magazine’s retouchers had photoshopped her hip to be thinner than her waist? Well, it turns out those bizarro proportions may actually belong to a real, live, breathing woman! The highly observant blogger behind Pop Culture Madness has noted that the body Demi’s head is on may actually belong to a model who wore the same dress in Balmain’s runway show.

“Check out what it appears to be 36 year old Anja Rubik’s superimposed body… scratch that – her body was attached to Demi Moore’s for the sake of a better cover image. You have to wonder, did Demi even wear the same Balmain dress?”

The image she presents as proof — Demi’s cover super-imposed over Rubik’s body — is startling. W claims that “nothing unusual” was done when retouching the cover image, but let’s face it: photoshopping the living hell out of images is par for the course these days. So what do you think? Shady or standard practice? [Pop Culture Madness]