15 Things A Woman Can Do And Still Call Herself A “Feminist”

There’s an article this week in the Daily Mail UK admonishing a TV newscaster in England for wearing “more makeup than a drag queen” during a recent news report. The biggest problem was that she’s a feminist news correspondent. “Is it possible to be a feminist while wearing false eyelashes?” the writer — a self-defined “old-school feminist” asks. Uh, yeah, it is! And after the jump, 15 other shocking things it’s possible for a woman to do and still call herself a feminist.

  1. Wear plunging necklines.

  2. Enjoy “chick lit.”
  3. Let a man pay.
  4. Change her last name when she marries.
  5. Flirt unabashedly.
  6. Enjoy the company of men more than women.
  7. Get waxed regularly.
  8. Watch the “Real Housewives” franchise and like it.
  9. Use her looks and sexuality to her advantage.
  10. Enjoy porn.
  11. Become a stay-at-home mom.
  12. Bake chocolate-chip cookies for her husband’s office party.
  13. Giggle.
  14. Wear a white wedding dress.
  15. Disagree with other women.