The Fashion Peacekeepers: Amanda Peet’s Red Carpet Casual

Sometimes we feel like Us Weekly‘s “The Fashion Police” and other similar style critics can be a tad harsh. Also, they tend to have these really boring, conservative styles and we have to wonder what their real fashion credentials are. (Case in point: US Weekly‘s “Top Cops” include random comedian Stefanie Novik and Chet Cannon of “The Real World, Brooklyn.” When did they ever go to design school!?) The Fashion Peacekeepers are here to say, hey, can’t everyone’s styles just get along?

Amanda Peet was snapped wearing this getup on the red carpet for the NYC premiere of “Brothers.” At first glance, we looked at this mismatched outfit and thought it was a total failure. Right? There are about four different trends going on here—animal print jacket, boyfriend jeans, Breton shirt, ballet flats. (Maybe it was laundry day at the Peets’ house?) Yet, there’s something about Amanda’s outfit that seems familiar, like it almost came out of your own closet and could work. We’re not totally hatin’, but we do have a few style suggestions, after the jump!

  1. While this outfit isn’t very premiere-appropriate, we’ll work with the idea of the casual-chic red carpet look. First step, swap the focus and play down the jacket. A simple, fitted shape can go a long way in setting a feminine tone for your style. We’d give this belted wool coat a whirl, still keeping it open to show that cute striped shirt. [$44.80, Forever 21]
  2. Or … use the coat as a trendy focus point, but don’t make it so loud. A military-style jacket makes an impression without blinding your eyes. [$37.80, Forever 21]
  3. Leopard can be cute, especially when it’s subtle. Swap the jacket for an accessory like this Topshop scarf. [$32, Topshop]
  4. Lastly, boyfriend jeans on the red carpet don’t fly. Work that striped shirt with the ballet flats to get a French-girl look, which will be more flattering with skinny jeans. [$27.80, Forever 21]