The Case For Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Last time I was a bridesmaid, the dress was brown. Not the sort of brown that makes you look like death as you plot ways to get back at the bride after you’ve fulfilled your bridesmaid duties, but just brown and shiny enough that I’ll never wear it again. Given that I spent a couple hundred bucks on the damn thing, I’m obviously none too pleased about the fact that it will sit in my closet forever because I feel guilty throwing it out and un-cute wearing it.

Now, however, it looks like I might get a do-over. My brother is getting married in September and the chances that the bridesmaids dresses will be a flattering and re-wearable black are looking good. His (awesome) fiancée and I checked out a few options the other day, settled on a style, and now I’m just waiting with bated breath for her to decide between black and purple. Last week, the question of wearing a black wedding dress proved a somewhat divisive issue on The Frisky. My feelings on that one are still a bit mixed. Black bridesmaids dresses, however, seem like a totally natural choice. I’d be kind of, sort of (almost) fine with purple. It’s one of the few colors I more or less like. But I hadn’t really considered black as an option before the whole bridesmaid-dress shopping expedition, and now that I have, it makes the purple look silly. Here’s why:

  • It’s not hard to find an occasion to wear a black dress again, resulting in less resentment from the bevy of bridesmaids who have to shell out $250 each.
  • It makes for a rather classy-looking wedding party.
  • Black looks more expensive than most colors in the same fabric.
  • The tuxes match the dresses and the pictures look classic rather than trendy or prom-y.
  • Clearly, if people are starting to wear black wedding dresses, the old-school funeral associations are more or less out the window. Get over it.
  • A bride who lets her maids wear a universally flattering color is clearly confident enough in her own look and dress that she doesn’t need to sabotage them with a stupid color.

So yeah, keep your fingers crossed for me!