Remote Control: What You’ll Want To Watch The Week Of November 23rd 2009

It’s Thanksgiving week, and you know what I’m thankful for? My grotesquely oversized television. And thankfully, there’s lots of amazing stuff to watch this week, from the new show “Find My Family” that’ll make you cry like a baby, to the season finale of “Dancing With The Stars,” which will have you standing up and cheering—well, at least if Kelly Osbourne wins. But you know what I’m most looking forward to when it comes to the boob tube? Friday’s “Beverly Hills, 90210” marathon, “Chillin’ With Dylan,” on SoapNet. Don’t even bother calling me during the day, mkay?

The Show: “Find My Family”
Set Your DVR For: Tonight, 9:30 p.m. (EST), ABC
The makers of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” bring you to the next frontier of emotion porn—a show where researchers track down missing family members and reunite them. Tonight is the sneak peek where a couple will be reunited with the daughter they gave up for adoption 27 years ago. Look, even the host is crying.

The Show: “Dancing With The Stars”
Set Your DVR For: Monday 8 p.m. (EST) and Tuesday 9 p.m. (EST), ABC
The season’s worth of amazing B-listers have been whittled down to three final contestants—Mya, Donny Osmond, and Kelly Osbourne. We are throwing our weight behind Kelly, though would secretly be happy if Donny won. A bonus reason to watch this week: Tom Delay will return to do a two-step.

The Show: “The Good Wife”
Set Your DVR For: Tuesday, 10 p.m. (EST), CBS
Have you been watching “The Good Wife”? You really should be—it’s a series about a woman who decides not to stand by her man (Chris Noth), a politician who gets caught having an affair. On this week’s episode, funny lady Chelsea Handler guest stars, interviewing the other woman on her show.

The Show: “Modern Family”
Set Your DVR For: Wednesday, 8 p.m. (EST), ABC
Remember when “Arrested Development” got canceled and you were all, “What? How could no one be watching such a hilarious show?” Don’t let it happen to “Modern Family,” which is pretty darn funny. Start watching, now. Do it for the kids.

The Show: “Chillin With Dylan Marathon”
Set Your DVR For: Friday, 1 p.m. (EST), SoapNet
It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You’re feeling bloated and still too full of tryptophan to do anything productive. So proceed to your couch and watch eight hours of the best “Beverly Hills, 90210″ episodes starring Dylan McKay. Ahh, Luke Perry.