Palin Parody Book Creating Lots of Oopsies In The Media

Ha ha ha. On the very same day that HarperCollins released Sarah Palin’s memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life, new book publisher O/R put out its first offering—Going Rouge: An American Nightmare. The covers are almost identical, though instead of the red hoodie and sunny sky, the mock version uses a stock photo of Sarah in a red suit against a stormy sky. Going Rouge is a collection of essays about Sarah Palin, curated by Richard Kim and Betsy Reed, both editors at The Nation, and written by authors and journalists like Eve Ensler, Katha Pollitt, Frank Rich, Tom Perrotta, and Naomi Klein. And the tome is apparently causing a ton of confusion. When USA Today ran a review of Palin’s book in today’s issue, the piece was accompanied by a photo of Going Rouge. Fox News Channel made the same mistake in a segment last week. (Or were these errors the work of Palin-hating employees playing a prank?) And O/R publishing has evidently been contacted by oodles of reporters wanting to chat with Palin. “One website not only thought we were Ms. Palin’s publishers but called the book Going Rough,” joked the book’s co-publisher. So what do you think—is this funny satire, or over-the-line sabotage? [NY Post]