Meet Velvetpark Mate, A New Lesbian Dating Website

I’m not a lesbian. But, I do have lots of lezzie friends who have complained about the lack of gay online dating options. Now, Velvetpark Media has launched a lesbian dating website called Velvetpark Mate. Writes site editor Grace Moon: “[We are] the first lesbo dating site … because we are NOT an affiliate program, or an ‘out of the box’ 3rd party package with a lesbian label slapped on it, NOR are we an afterthought of a male dominated media company, or the unwanted stepchild of a straight date site.”Like most dating sites, you start off creating a profile (which costs $3.95 a month), and then have the option to find mates through “Fairy Gaymothers,” quirky matchmaker characters with different lesbian vibes, or just start browsing on your own. There’s also a hook-up-your-friends feature, which is equally nice for creating connections and getting to know people.

So, for the lesbians out there … do you think Velvetpark Mate fills the gap in gay online dating options? [Velvetpark Match]