Jewelry Pet Peeve: Statement Necklaces And Strapless Dresses

OK, so here it is: I can’t stand when people wear giant necklaces with strapless dresses. It just doesn’t make sense—you go to all that trouble to wear a strapless dress to show off your pretty skin and shoulders and collarbone and then what do you do? Throw a necklace over all the bits that you’re trying to show off! Check out Natalie Portman, above — doesn’t she look chic and double-take gorgeous? It’s not because of her dress—though the dress is seriously lovely—it’s because you can’t take your eyes off of her. And why can you actually see purdy Natalie? Because she didn’t cover it all up with a big, honking necklace! Do you guys agree? Granted, I’m mostly a less is more kind of gal, but still—when I take the trouble to take care of my skin and wear a strapless cocktail dress, it’s because I want people looking at me. Not my choice of accessories. I’m done now, thanks.