Creed Frontman Takes Issue With His BJ Video Being Called A Sex Tape

Back in 1999, Kid Rock and Scott Stapp of Creed made a little tape of them partying and getting blowies (thanks for the new term, Amelia) from groupies in a tour bus. The 45-minute video was supposedly stolen out of the safe in Stapp’s house in 2006, and fell into the hands of Red Light District, the company that brought you “One Night in Paris.” They released a preview online, but were sued for invasion of privacy by Stapp, Kid Rock, and one of the female stars of the video—all independently—before they could release the full thing. The case was settled in 2007—and the tape never to see the light of the day. But that isn’t keeping Stapp from talking about it. In the November issue of Spin he talks about the infamous video. “Bob—Kid Rock—and I were friends. He’d been over to my house and we jammed and hung out. We were in Tampa playing with Metallica, and I walked into his trailer and there were some strippers. It’s a time in his life and a time in my life that we’d like to put behind us and not publicize because we have children now, and they’re in school, and their friends read,” he said. “He was pretty pissed off at me when that came out. I did apologize to him that I didn’t just burn that thing. I thought that was a skeleton in the closet that would never find the light of day.” But the most interesting line in the interview is all about semantics. “Well, there’s no sex on the sex tape,” he says. “For it to get characterized that way, I mean, that kind of sucks.” Gets us into the age old debate about what exactly constitutes sex. And just leaves us with one question for the Christian rocker—what would Jesus say? [Spin]