Barbie In A Burqa Is All Kinds Of Wrong

Barbie has enjoyed many careers in her life—stewardess, doctor, rock star—and she’s got all the teeny-weeny outfits in her Dream House closet to prove it. But one outfit Barbie has never worn is one that, under Taliban rule in Afghanistan, makes women prisoners in their own clothes: a burkqa. Barbie has now donned the Islamic garb, courtesy of a doll outfit designer, for a Save The Children charity auction. One could argue, I suppose, that Burka Barbie is a good toy for little girls around the world who are obligated to play with dolls in “modest dress.” Maybe that’s not something the outfit’s designer should want to encourage, though? I can’t help but wonder if this particular Burka Barbie comes with her own religious police who’ll beat the crap out of her with sticks if she dares to show her ankles in such an outfit. [Daily Mail UK]