10 Things You Can Do Instead Of Worrying About Aging

A recent study in the U.K. has shown that women constantly — on average, 252 times a week — worry about their appearance and aging. One hundred women, ages 35 to 69, were asked to carry a clicker over a seven-day period. Each time they had a negative thought or felt anxiety about their appearance they pressed the clicker. The women worried about their appearance, on average, 36 times a day. One participant, an actress who had a facelift 10 years ago, clicked 1,400 times during the week. She admitted that she clicked less when she had on a full face of makeup.

The study’s designers, fitness instructor Irene Estry and psychologist Emma Kenny, intended to determine whether our looks-obsessed culture creates ageism and pressure to remain youthful. It’s rather clear already that our society puts this pressure on women, especially. If we assume that each woman worried about her appearance for one minute each time, that’s four minutes wasted every week. Let’s spend this time doing something more productive than obsessing about our looks! Read our suggestions for how to spend these four extra minutes after the jump. [Impact Lab]

  1. Call an older relative just to say “hi.”
  2. Write a quick note to a friend.
  3. Do a sun salutation.
  4. Smile in the mirror while thinking happy thoughts.
  5. Floss.
  6. Take your vitamins.
  7. Pet a cat or dog.
  8. Tickle a baby.
  9. Post a funny face profile photo to Facebook.
  10. Start a brain teaser puzzle.
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