Celebrities’ Themed Birthday Parties, Part II

It was Miley Cyrus’ 17th birthday on Wednesday, and she threw a rockin’ ’80s themed party to celebrate. She came dressed as Julia Roberts’ character from “Pretty Woman,” which was obviously super tasteful and kept in line with her pole-dancing antics from the summer. And when the Broadway cast of “Rock of Ages” showed up for a surprise performance, Miley danced with cast member Constantine Maroulis. [NY Post]

While most of us gave up theme parties circa age 7, when Strawberry Shortcake herself didn’t show up to deliver our cake, celebrities still love to throw ‘em. In May, we brought you a whole slide show of celebs’ themed birthday parties, but because there have been so many good ones since, we’re bringing you part deux.

  • “90210” star Jessica Lowndes threw a huge “Moulin Rouge” 21st birthday party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Most of the guests came 1800s showgirl-style, with lots of garters and corsets. The party boasted two wandering monkeys, a tarot card reader, two open bars, a photo room, and cupcakes spread around the multi-leveled party suite. [PopEater] — Sounds like she’s taken a cue from “90210” and thrown some serious money around.
  • I hate to admit it, but Katy Perry came up with a pretty awesome theme for her 25th birthday: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Katie, guests, and her boyfriend Russell Brand came in white clothing, which was quickly (and unknowingly for the guests) doused in neon paint. Katie’s nails were painted with Oompa Loompas and there was candy everywhere. Perez Hilton, Diddy, and Taylor Swift all showed up and the fire marshals had to shut it down shortly after Katie used her beautiful Willy Wonka cake to start a food fight. [Celebitchy] — I guess my invite got lost in the mail.
  • Lauren Conrad flew her friends to Las Vegas for her 23rd birthday and had an “Eyes Wide Shut” themed dinner at Lavo restaurant. I think it just meant that everyone was wearing Venetian masks—not that they performed hierogamy orgies. Probably. After dinner, the crew went to Tao nightclub and drank, ate cupcakes, and set off sparklers in a private skybox. (What’s a skybox?!) [Celebrity Gossip] — I say if you’re going to make it an “Eyes Wide Shut” theme, at least throw in some nudity and capes. Otherwise, it’s just mask themed.
  • In July, Jessica Simpson was going to throw a Barbie and Ken birthday party for herself, until Tony Romo broke up with her that day. [OK! Magazine] — We’re still wondering what would have been had Jessica had her chance to be Malibu Barbie.
  • Kristin Cavallari celebrated her 22nd birthday this year with an ’80s-themed party at Hyde Lounge. For the occasion, “The Hills” star looked like an extra from Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical” music video in a gray bodysuit, maroon leggings, and fluorescent orange legwarmers. [Celebrity Gossip] — American Apparel sales must have sky-rocketed that day.
  • Never one to be outdone, Christina Aguilera threw a “Clockwork Orange” party for her 28th birthday, dressing up as the main character in the Stanley Kubrick film, in a bowler hat, jumpsuit, and the appropriate makeup. Her party was held at the artsy SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and, along with her husband, friends and DJ AM (R.I.P.), Christina drank cotton candy mojitos and had an orange birthday cake. [Now Magazine] — Strange that Christina and Lauren Conrad both had Kubrick film-inspired parties. Fingers crossed that someone does “The Shining” next!