4 Tips For A Holiday Fling

The holidays are right around the corner, and if egg nog, stuffing and Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” do mysterious things to your libido—fear not. We suffer from the Holiday Friskies, too. We feel your sexually frustrated pain. Whether your parents’ guest bedroom has you aching for another’s or a holiday getaway is in order, there’s nothing like a few guilt-free days off to initiate a bold try with what’s-his-name from high school or that-one-over-there at the resort bar (if you’re fancy). Regardless, the holidays are a perfect time for a no-strings-attached fling. Here are a few ways to make it run exceptionally smooth.
1.) Watch your eating: Who wants to let their gut hang for an audience? If you’re crazy confident and think your sexiness outshines any second- or third-helping bloat, bravo to you, and gladly skip this first tip. If you’re like us, however, and would prefer to feel svelte before a body show-and-tell then follow these simple rules. Try to work in a particularly brutal sweat session before eating the Big Meal, which will boost your metabolism. Secondly, (this one’s a doozy—borderline heretic for a foodie) don’t go for seconds. Try to eat until you reach a point of diminishing returns. As in, it isn’t likely that second helping will be as satisfying as the first. Read more

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