Beauty Products Expose You To 515 Chemicals Per Day!

I know that all the products I use in my daily life certainly can’t be good for me. But I had no idea that, on a day-to-day basis, I could possibly be exposing my body to 515 chemicals. Fear! According to Bionsen, a natural deodorant company, women have up to 515 different chemicals in their body on any given day. Now, of course, this varies depending on how many and which kinds of product you use. But it’s a real problem, as some of the nastiness has reportedly been the cause of breast cancer, fertility issues, skin cancer, and hormonal issues. The most common of the chemicals comes from parabens (preservatives) that basically extend the shelf life of items. When those parabens mutate (from the sun, its infiltration in the body, or the dosage level), in come the problems. So what’s the solution? Cut down, use organic, and make sure to read all the little details on the labels. You can also get hazard ratings on specific products here. [Daily Mail]