Would You Wear A Black Wedding Dress?

The Daily Mail is reporting today that black, a color traditionally saved for funerals and looking street chic, is the new color choice for wedding dresses among modern brides. While I don’t doubt that many women are bucking tradition and going with darker colors, I have a hard time believing that black, despite how slimming and elegant it is, is now the “shade of choice,” as the paper insinuates. Then again, they did quote an “expert” from a wedding website that gets all of 2,000 visitors a month (for perspective, The Frisky gets about that many visitors every 25 minutes), so maybe there’s some validity to the claim. The trend is in response to the recession (of course!) and brides’ desire to buy a dress they can wear more than once. I don’t buy it for a second, do you? Would you buy a black gown for that reason? Would you really wear your dress again after your wedding? Doesn’t that kind of make it seem less special? [via Daily Mail]