The Best Sex I Ever Had …

I’m pretty sure/hopeful that there is loads of great amazing best sex in my future, but Wednesday night was pretty killer — I’m officially on the pill, so no more condoms! Holla! I asked some friends for the best sex they’ve ever had — read what they shared and then brag away in the comments.

“The best sex I ever had was with a guy I picked up at a wedding last year, mainly because I was feeling down and needed a one-night stand. But the sex was so amazing that I kept coming back for nearly a month, even though he was divorced and had a child and was not at all what I was looking for in a relationship. I think what made the sex so good was that it was 90 percent foreplay. Like hours of making out, and massaging, and manual stimulation, and oral sex and then just enough actual intercourse to make me want to do it all again. I also think there was something in that he’d been married and had this ultra tight relationship with a woman before me. I could tell he’d been well instructed. And that he’d just put a lot of thought and care into how he touched someone, during a hug or while doing it doggy style. Damn, I wish I could call him.”

“It sounds cheesy, but some of the best sex I ever had was with my husband right after our wedding. We had a few hours between our afternoon reception and the smaller party we hosted later that night at our apartment, and we used that time to, uh, “consummate and decorate.” There’s nothing like setting your emotions on overdrive to make the sex super hot (and meaningful).”

“My boyfriend blew my mind just two or three weeks after we started dating. He had one finger rubbing my vulva and his thumb stroking my anus, sort of in a grasping motion. The pleasure I felt, and I’m not exaggerating, brought me to ANOTHER LEVEL of consciousness. I don’t necessarily believe in out-of-body experiences but it felt so amazing that I don’t think I was fully present at the time!”

“I hope I haven’t had the best sex I’ve ever had yet, but two instances stick out in my mind. Last year on my birthday, my then-boyfriend and I were getting it on and I began to cry (I know you think this should be illegal) because I felt so in love with him at that time. Even though we were having issues in our relationship I felt that we could get through it.
Then there was the first time we saw each other after breaking up officially. It started with a look, then I kissed him and he kissed back and next thing I knew we were yanking each others clothes off. It was carnal, lustful, and loving. I remember being really hot and sweaty because we were generating so much heat under this huge comforter. He had an issue with coming for some reason so often times I was knackered before he could get off, but that night … well you get the point.”

“Back when I was a total ho-bag, I met this unbelievably good-looking British bass player. He looked like Christian Bale crossed with Don Draper, only more rough and tumble. It was his last night in town and my friend Ed had been roadying for his band. He introduced the guy (I don’t even remember his name!) to me and Ed’s wife. Both she and I just stood there staring stupidly because he was seriously so good looking it was other-worldly. I eventually regained my powers of speech and it turned out he was really funny and flirty too. At one point Ed’s wife stood behind him and mouthed ‘take him home!’ So I did. (Not that I needed convincing.)
We got to my house, started fooling around and off came the pants. I thought Brits were generally lacking in that area, but it was the hugest penis I’d ever seen. I remember looking up at him and saying, ‘You’ve got to be kidding.’ He laughed. I think he heard that a lot. So we had amazing sex, and because I knew he was leaving for London in the morning, there were no expectations and zero awkwardness. We took the subway into Manhattan the next day and just kept laughing. Half my face was burned off because of his stubble too. I did not mind this. It was like a souvenir.
I’d been at work for about ten minutes when Ed’s wife called. She didn’t even say hello. She just said, ‘Meet me on the corner and tell me EVERYTHING.'” Heh.

OK, everyone — time to get your brag on!