Style 911: How Do I Wear A Jumper Without Looking Like A School Girl?

“At the end of last year’s winter season I got a super comfy and adorable jumper for a steal ($12!) thinking it would be a fall staple this year. Unfortunately I’m having difficulty wearing it without looking like I’m in elementary school. Any tips on how I can make this look more ‘grown-up’?” – Ekelt2

Having spent 10 years all jumpered-up in Catholic school, I feel your pain. If you don’t want to go quirky with the jumper, take references to other school girl accouterments and turn them on their heads. The school girl undertone will always be there with a jumper, so it’s really a matter of taking that aspect and controlling it. That means skip the mary janes, avoid a plain white blouse and tights should be a little more fun than the stark navy I had to wear back in the days when nuns ruled my wardrobe. The good news is that cutting out these additions still leaves you with quite a lot of other options. Outfit ideas after the jump!
Just because Catholic school girls the world over are wearing blouses with their jumpers doesn’t mean that you have to avoid them entirely. Instead of the shapeless white ones your standard 10-year-old wears though, pick up a sheer black one with a bit of drapiness to it. If you’re daring, just wear a black bra underneath. If you’re a little more reserved, a dark or skin tone tank will get the job done without leaving your lady bits exposed. (And if the sheer blouse thing is out of your comfort zone entirely, pick a simple top or sweater with over-the-top neck embellishment. Love that look.)

Now there’s the matter of leg coverings. For the daytime, I’d stick with an opaque tight and a flat black foot for an equestrian look that will leave the nuns praying for your soul. At night time, though, have a little more fun with it by adding a patterned tight and patent bootie. Yes, it still harkens back to a uniform influence, but on your cool, grown-up terms. As long as you don’t go adding a too-cute headband or mini backpack to the mix, you’re good to go.

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