Should Scientology Be Classified As A Criminal Organization Instead Of A Religion?

Watch out Tom Cruise. The Australian government might try to declassify Scientology as a religion and reclassify it as a criminal organization. In a speech he gave to the Aussie Senate on Tuesday night, Senator Nick Xenophon claimed that the church was guilty of torture, forced imprisonment, and coerced abortion, embezzlement and blackmail. He unearthed letters from an ex-Scientologist, which detailed abuse and violence that happened within the religion, and said that horrors such as forced confinement, torture and abortion, were ordered. After showing the letters to police and the Senate, Xenophon called for Scientology to be stripped of its title as a religion. The Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, said he would consider an inquiry into the church’s practices, but that the “evidence” needs to be examined carefully. Obvs, Scientology peeps are super pissed, calling the accusations libelous and saying those who leave the church are, “as reliable as former spouses are when talking about their ex-partner.”

We understand an ex-partner but why would an ex-church member be so angry without cause? [Newser]